Staff Directory

To contact a staff member by phone, please call the office at (714) 663-6104.

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Name Title/Position Email Web site
Administrative and Support Staff
Tyleen Perez Principal
Linda Lewis Secretary
Patricia Chaimouni Office Clerk
Jaydee Choompoo Nurse
Mary Tran Health Aide
Ha Ho Vu Community Liaison – Vietnamese
Jonathon Abrego Community Liaison – Spanish
Victor Luevanos Head Custodian
Binh Thanh Nguyen Night Custodian
Do Tran Custodian
Dorothy Helfer A.P.E. Teacher
Cindy Zager Instrumental Music
Rebecca Smith Vocal Music
Kjersti Glesne Vocal Music
Gizelle Orellana Psychologist
Karissa Tanimine Speech Therapist
Michelle Johnson Library Aide
Kris Fujimori Testing Clerk
Noemi Rivera Instructional Aide
Lori Feher Instructional Aide
Danielle Giese Instructional Aide
Ashley Pfeifer Instructional Aide
Layrica Nourn Instructional Aide
Andrea Yee Instructional Aide
Hsiu Ling Food Services
Hong Trinh Food Services
Bernadine Greenberg Food Services
Nichols Food Services
Johana Fernandez Boys & Girls Club
Eva Lecours Kindergarten and Transitional Kindergarten Teacher
Michelle Hanson Kindergarten Teacher
Carolyn Kim First Grade Teacher
Michele Stevens First Grade Teacher
Valerie Ubert Second Grade Teacher
Lauren Conrady Third Grade Teacher
Denise Munson Third Grade Teacher
Susan Campbell Fourth Grade Teacher
Sophia Rothbard Fourth Grade Teacher
Dianne Jones Fourth Grade Teacher
Dayzie Bach Truong Fifth Grade Teacher
Kimberly Heughins Sixth Grade Teacher
Kimberly Krosner Sixth Grade Teacher
Kimberly Ufholtz Third and Fourth Grade Mild-Moderate Teacher
Alexandra Garcia Special Education Teacher