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Anthony P.T.O Commemorative Bear Sale Prices


Beginning Monday, February 3rd, we will be selling stuffed plush bears in honor of Susan B. Anthony's 200th birthday. Larger bears will be adorned with special commemorative tags and blue ribbons. Smaller bears will have ribbons only or birthday tags appropriate for the size of the bear.

All profits from the sale of the bears will help our Anthony P.T.O. provide field tripes and services for our students.

Please return the tear-off with your order and payments. Bears will be on view in the office beginning February 3rd. Bears are available in many price ranges, with the smallest bears (4 inches seated) at $2 each and the largest (31 inches) at $35 each. Students may bring their order to the office during recess to choose their bear. Bears will be held in the office for pick up at the end of the day.